1. What is ShopFarEast Rewards?
ShopFarEast Rewards is a card-less shoppers' loyalty programme that awards shoppers with points when they make purchases at the following 13 Far East Malls:

  • Clarke Quay Central
  • Orchard Central
  • Square 2
  • West Coast Plaza
  • Far East Square
  • Greenwich V
  • HillV2
  • Hougang 1
  • Icon Village
  • Pacific Plaza
  • Riverside Point
  • Junction 10
  • Katong V


2. What are the qualifying criteria for a ShopFarEast Rewards membership?
In order to apply for a membership, you need to:

  • Be a local resident aged 16 years and above.
  • Possess a Singapore National Registration Identity Card, Employment Pass, Work Permit, Student Pass or Dependant Pass issued by the Singapore Government (“Identity Card”).
  • Having read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

3. How do I become a ShopFarEast Rewards member?
Shoppers can sign up as a member via

  • Concierge/Information Counters available at Clarke Quay Central, Orchard Central, Square 2 and West Coast Plaza
  • ShopFarEast Mobile Application (Available in App Store™and Google Play)

. What information will I need to provide for the membership sign up?
The required information will be your first name, last name, email address, mobile number, NRIC/ FIN number, birth date and gender.

5. Is there a membership fee?
No, there are no charges for ShopFarEast Rewards membership.

6. What is the duration of my membership?

Unless the membership is terminated or suspended, there will be no expiry for the membership as long as the ShopFarEast Rewards programme is active.

7. How long does it take for the membership to be activated?
Activation is immediate upon successful completion of the application. You can immediately upload your receipts to start earning points.

To be eligible for Birthday Bonus Points/Rewards redemption, please approach the Concierge/Information Counter (available at Clarke Quay Central, Orchard Central, Square 2 and West Coast Plaza) for a one-time verification of your details.

8. Is the membership transferrable?
No, transfer of membership is not permitted under this programme.



9. How do I earn ShopFarEast Rewards points?
Step 1: Shop at any of our participating malls.
Step 2: Take an image of the receipt.
Step 3: Upload the image via the ShopFarEast mobile app.

10. What is the minimum spend required to earn points?
You will need to make a minimum nett spending of $20 in a single receipt to be eligible for points.

11. Can I combine receipts to meet the minimum spending to earn points?
No, each receipt must be at least $20 to earn points. Receipts below $20 will be declined.

12. When will the reward points be credited into my account?
Your points will be credited within 7 working days from the day of submission. We advise you to retain your original receipts until your receipt is approved in the event that further verifications are needed.

13. What is the grace period for submission of receipts?
You will need to submit your receipts no later than the next day of purchase. E.g. If the purchase is made on 1 June 2016, receipts must be submitted no later than 2 June 2016, 11:59pm.

Receipts submitted after this period will be declined.

14. How do I submit my receipts to earn points?
Shoppers are encouraged to submit their receipts via the ShopFarEast Mobile App. Alternatively, you can also choose to submit your receipts at the Concierge/ Information Counter of Clarke Quay Central, Orchard Central, Square 2 or West Coast Plaza.

15. Can I submit my receipts at a different mall’s Concierge/Information Counter from the one that my purchases were from?
No, only receipts issued from the mall where the Concierge/Information Counter is located are accepted.

16. How many receipts can I submit per day?
You may submit as many receipts as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Receipts submitted no later than the next day of purchase.
  • 1 receipt per submission

Do note that there is a maximum cap of 1,000 points that you can earn in a single day.

17. Why can’t I submit multiple receipts at the same time?
Submitting more than one receipt image at a time will result in conflicting information being registered by the system.

The receipts submitted will then be declined by the system.

18. What is the point allocation system for ShopFarEast Rewards?
You will receive 1 ShopFarEast Rewards point for every S$1 spent (rounded down to the nearest dollar). However, for supermarket purchases, every $3 spent earns 1 ShopFarEast Rewards point.

ShopFarEast Rewards points are accorded based on the nett purchase amount.

19. What is the maximum number of points that I can earn within a day?
You can earn a maximum of 1,000 ShopFarEast Rewards points a day. Members celebrating their birthday may earn a maximum of 2,000 ShopFarEast Rewards points for the first transaction during their birthday calendar month.

20. Which receipts can I submit?Only original printed receipts for purchases made at Far East Malls’ retailers with a minimum spending of $20 per receipt will be eligible for earning of points, except the following:

  • money currency exchange at money changer, bank, automatic teller machine or financial service institution;
  • lottery tickets;
  • tenant’s/retailer’s vouchers or voucher receipts;
  • retailer’s membership programme;
  • cashcard/stored value cards top-up receipts;
  • AXS/SAM/POPStation payments and bill payments;
  • online purchases (except for purchases made via the ShopFarEast Mobile Application);
  • push cart receipts and atrium events receipts (by non-Mall retailers);
  • deposit;
  • at a non-profit organization; and
  • instalment payments, payment done at offices, duplicated receipts, nets/ debit/ credit card transaction/charged slips.

21. What information should be in the receipt images?
Receipts should contain the following information:

  • serially printed receipt/ tax invoice number;
  • date of issue of the receipt;
  • the business name and business address of the Qualified Retailer (which must include the name of the Mall and the unit number of the shop occupied by the Qualified Retailer);
  • description of the General Purchase or Supermarket Purchase with the prices for each item or service; and
  • nett amount paid (minimum of $20.00).

22. Can I submit hand-written receipts?
Yes, you may submit hand-written receipts. Receipts should contain all the necessary information stated in point 21.

23. My receipts are too long to be captured as 1 full image. What should I do?
For overly long receipts, you may fold the portion itemising the products purchased. Please ensure the necessary information stated in point 21 can be clearly seen.

24. If I have receipts that are given to me, can I submit them to earn points?
Points will only be accorded for your own purchases. ShopFarEast reserves the right to cancel the membership of shoppers found using receipts other than their own purchases.

25. Can my friend and I submit the same receipt?
No, the system will decline submission of the same receipt.

26. Can I submit receipts from purchases made before my membership is activated?
No, only receipts from purchases made after your membership is activated can be submitted.

27. How can I check my points balance?
You can view your point balance via the ShopFarEast Mobile Application. Alternatively, you may also check your points balance with our friendly concierges.

28. Why are my receipts declined by the system?
The system may decline receipts due to the following reasons:

  • Receipt submitted is not from participating Far East Malls.
  • Receipt falls under the exclusion list stated in point 20.
  • Receipt has missing information as per stated in point 21.
  • Multiple receipts submitted at a time.
  • Receipt is less than $20 in purchase value
  • Receipt is unclear/blurry.
  • Receipt is submitted more than one day after day of purchase. Refer to point 13.
  • Duplicate receipts.
  • Member has reached the daily cap of 1,000 ShopFarEast points.

29. I have problems submitting the receipts. Who can I contact?
Please email us at shop@fareast.com.sg for assistance.


 30. How do I redeem my points?
Option 1: Present your NRIC or other valid proof of identity at the Concierge/Information Counter of Clarke Quay Central, Orchard Central, Square 2 or West Coast Plaza.

Option 2: Log on the mobile app and head to “Catalogue” in the “My Rewards” tab.
Choose the reward that you would like to redeem and confirm the transaction.
An e-coupon will be saved to “My Coupons” section of the app.
Present the e-coupon at the Concierge/Information Counter of Clarke Quay Central, Orchard Central, Square 2 or West Coast Plaza within 30 days for a physical voucher.

You will be required to present your NRIC or other valid proof of identity for verification purposes. Points will not be refunded for any vouchers not collected within the 30 days period.

31. I have a change of mind. Can I refund my completed reward redemption?
Points will not be refunded once redemptions have been completed. Rewards issued cannot be exchanged for other items.

32. What is the expiry date for the points earned?
All points earned in a calendar year will expire on 31 December of that year. However, shoppers are given till 30 June of the following year to redeem their points.

Can I combine the points earned in the previous year with the points earned in the current year for the purpose of redemption?
Members are given a grace period of 6 months to redeem points earned in the previous year. During the grace period, members can combine points from the previous year together with points earned in the current year to redeem available rewards.

34. Can I authorize someone to redeem on behalf of me?
No, points have to be redeemed in person.

35. Can I combine reward points with my family member or friend to make redemption?
No, points earned by different persons cannot be combined.

36. Can I transfer reward points to my family member or friend?
No, points cannot be transferred between members.



37. How do I download the app?
Visit the App Store (for iOS mobile devices) or Google Play (for Android devices) and key ‘ShopFarEast’ into the search bar. Tap on the search result and tap install.

38. How do I sign up if I am an existing ALWAYScentral or OC Rewards member?
If you are an existing ALWAYScentral or OC Rewards member, a passcode will be sent to you via SMS. Kindly select the “Have a Passcode? Click here” option in the login screen. You may also request for a passcode in the sign up screen should you misplace or do not receive the SMS sent.

39. How do I sign up for a new membership?
Click on “Sign Up” option in the login screen. You will be directed to fill up your personal particulars. You will receive a confirmation message once you have successfully signed up for the programme.

Use your email address as your Login ID together with the password you registered with for future logins.

40. I forgot my login details. How do I reset my password?
You can tap on “Forgot Password” on the login page of the mobile app and follow through the instructions to reset your password. Kindly check your email spam folder if you did not receive the password reset instructions email. Feel free to contact us at shop@fareast.com.sg for assistance if you are still unable to reset your password.

41. I amunable to register or log into my account. What should I do?
There may be various reasons for the above issue. These may include:

  • Entering of wrong email address and/or password.
  • Limited network connectivity when accessing the mobile app.

Should you face difficulties in using the mobile application, feel free to contact us at shop@fareast.com.sg for assistance.

42. I am unable to submit my receipts. What should I do?

Do ensure you have a good internet connection in order to make a successful submission.

43. How can I be updated on the status of my receipt(s) submission?
You can view the status of your receipt(s) submission via the “Account” page in "My Rewards” on the mobile app.
Green Tick: Receipt has been verified and points have been credited into your account.
Red Cross: Receipt has been declined. Tap for more information.
Hourglass: Receipt is in the verification stage.

44. I do not have a mobile device which enables me to download and use the mobile app. Can I still be a member and enjoy the benefits of the programme?
You can sign up for the programme via the Concierge/Information Counter located at Clarke Quay Central, Orchard Central, Square 2 or West Coast Plaza. 
For earning of points, kindly present your NRIC and receipts personally at any of the above 4 Concierge/Information Counter for verification purposes.


45. How will my information be used in the programme?
Your member information and contact details are used solely for administrative and marketing purposes associated with the ShopFarEast Rewards Programme. These may include but not limited to sending you updates on sales, promotions and membership information.

46. How do I update my personal particulars?

You can edit your mobile number and password via the “Profile” page on the mobile app. All other particulars are being locked from editing. If you encounter any issues, feel free to contact us at shop@fareast.com.sg for assistance. Alternatively, you may visit the Concierge/Information Counter located at Clarke Quay Central, Orchard Central, Square 2 or West Coast Plaza.


47. Who should I contact if I require more information?
For any enquiries about the programme, feel free to contact us at shop@fareast.com.sg for assistance.


48. How can I withdraw from the ShopFarEast Rewards membership?
You can visit the Concierge/Information Counter located at Clarke Quay Central, Orchard Central, Square 2 or West Coast Plaza to withdraw from the ShopFarEast Rewards membership or contact us at shop@fareast.com.sg. Membership will be terminated within 30 working days of your request.

All ShopFarEast Rewards points and associated benefits will be forfeited upon termination of membership.